Jr. Reign Hockey Club Dominates Fall Classic Tournament with Multiple Victories

by James Karr

In a thrilling display of skill, determination, and teamwork, the Jr. Reign Hockey Club left an indelible mark at the Fall Classic Tournament, securing victories across multiple divisions and age groups.

8UA Riverside Seals the Deal in Shootout Showdown

The 8UA Riverside team engaged in a toe-to-toe matchup with the 8UA Carlsbad team, and it was a contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The gold medal game concluded with a shootout, where the Jr. Reign's 8U Riverside team showcased their skills to clinch the win. This thrilling victory sets a positive tone as the team looks to carry the momentum into the upcoming 2024 calendar year. Kudos to the young athletes for their impressive display of sportsmanship and determination.


Congratulations to the remarkable 8UA Carlsbad team of Jr. Reign for their exceptional showing in the Fall Classic! Securing a well-deserved second-place finish, the team's dedication, teamwork, and skill on the ice were truly commendable, embodying the essence of sportsmanship and determination. This achievement is a testament not only to their hard work on the ice but also to the outstanding coaching and support they've received. Congratulations on a fantastic performance!

 12UA Riverside Team Claims Gold with Conviction

The 12UA Riverside team left no room for doubt as they dominated their opponents to secure the gold at the Fall Classic Tournament. Coming together as a cohesive unit, this victory is a testament to the team's dedication and skill. The Jr. Reign's 12UA team showcased exceptional talent and determination, proving they are a force to be reckoned with on the ice.


The Jr. Reign's 16AA team emerged as champions in the highly competitive Varsity South Division, showcasing outstanding effort and resilience throughout the tournament. The final match saw an impressive 9-2 triumph over the Central Jets, solidifying their dominance on the ice. Congratulations to the 16AA team for their stellar performance and well-deserved victory!

18AA TEAM secures silver in phenomenal performance

Congratulations to the outstanding players of the 18AA Jr Reign hockey team for their phenomenal performance in the Fall Classic tournament in Riverside, CA! We celebrate their remarkable achievement of securing second place in this highly competitive event with great pride and excitement. The dedication, skill, and teamwork displayed by each team member have undoubtedly contributed to this well-deserved success. This accomplishment not only reflects their hard work on the ice but also highlights their exceptional coaching and support.

The victories at the Fall Classic Tournament provide a solid foundation for the teams to build upon as they head into the holiday season and prepare to face the challenges of the upcoming 2024 calendar year.

With each team's success contributing to the overall achievement of the Jr. Reign, the club is poised to hit 2024 with strength, unity, and a commitment to excellence. The entire Reign community congratulates the players, coaches, and supporters on these remarkable victories and looks forward to continued success on the ice.