Welcome Guide

by Jen Gehringer

Hi there! 

Are you as excited to start the season as we are?... 

I know that all of us here at the Jr. Reign can’t wait to get to work with your player and all of the teams!

To get you ready, we have created a very special welcome guide just for our Jr. Reign families so that you can get the most out of your season...

The welcome guide is a resource you can read and come back to at anytime…

To make it even easier to consume all the content, I have created a series of approximately 2 minute videos breaking down each component so you can easily listen or watch just for 2 minutes each day and get all the information you need to have a great season at the Jr. Reign. 

Watch today’s 2 minute video introducing the welcome guide and what it’s all about by watching the video below..

 And stay tuned to your inbox and our social media for the next 22 days as I release one 2 minute video each day walking you through the welcome guide. 

Can’t wait to see you at the rink! 

Ben Frank

Jr. Reign President

P.S. you can read through the whole welcome guide at any time by clicking “welcome guide” below

P.P.S make sure you check out our youtube page as well where you will be able to go back and watch all of the videos in case you miss any or want to refresh a section.

Welcome Guide 2019